We’ve been doing a little experimenting on the Passpack blog lately. Mixing in some fun posts and lightweight topics.

The sudden change in tone seems to have been less fun for readers than for the writers. Thinking back, I realize it would have been better to have given folks a chance to decide what they do (and don’t) want to read before taking action.

But I didn’t. So… I’d like to offer up a mea culpa and make a mends.

Two Feeds are Better Than One

To your left you’ll see two RSS feed icons:

The orange icon is for the entire blog feed.
You’ll get every post we publish to the blog.

The green icon is for company and product updates only.
No chit-chat, it’s a no-nonsense feed.

The Passpack Lounge

I’ve also added a new category called the Passpack Lounge (thanks to Reedy for the name suggestion). Here we’ll post about staff – I keep promising myself to do some staff introductions. Louise took a stab at it last week, though we’ve grown already since then and, of course, there are SOME men.

We’ll also cover general password and security trends. Don’t expect any breaking news, just a wrap up of what’s going on in the world.

Looking Forward

In the (somewhat) near future, we’ll likely move the blog off of wordpress.com and onto passpack.com. In the process, all the support articles will be relocated to the Help Center, and we’ll do some general tidying up. So if you have any other suggestions for making the blog better, please let me know!


  1. Thanks for seperating them out. I do enjoy the “off-topic” posts even though I’m initially dissapointed that you’re not blogging about a new feature!

    As for WordPress, I just moved to it myself on a hosted box, not from WordPress.com, but another fully-hosted blogging service. From WordPress.com, you should be able to very easily export your entries and reimport them into a standalone WordPress implementation. There are so many useful plugins for WordPress, I’m sure you will be having lots of fun playing with them!


  2. Alecco

    Cool. Very fast response to community! A+

  3. @Levi
    We’re working on some new features right now. There’s a whole list of them post-Beta 6 release.

    Re: wordpress, yes, I can’t wait to get my hands on all those plugins. But I am concerned about the best way to redirect from the old blog to the new — reason #1 why we haven’t moved things over yet.

    Thank you. I hope we’ve been forgiven. :)

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