I take my laptop with me everywhere. I mean everywhere. My laptop has taken more vacations with me than my own sister. I never really worry about having it stolen because it is usually stuck to me everywhere I go. And like any responsible laptop owner, I back up my data.

But what if your back up is actually on your computer itself? And what if your laptop gets (knock on wood) stolen?

It would never happen to me – might not, but it seems an astounding 10,278 laptops go missing in U.S. airports every week! Every week – that’s a lot of laptops. And that’s a lot of data. And that may also be a lot of irreplaceable data. Anyone of those 10,278 travelers who uses a Desktop or offline password manager as their only means of password storage can probably expect a pretty stressful vacation.

Now, let me do my checklist – I have my pictures on Flickr, my documents on an external hard drive, my music on my IPod and my passwords – well I am a true blue fan of keeping them in an online application (you guessed it – Passpack).

Why do I still carry my laptop with me while I travel? I guess I’m not always crazy about the inflight movie selection.

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  1. Leroy Glinchy

    I am a computer addict especially to the net. My day job has me in front of a computer all day so this just feeds the beast.

    I love vacation because it is the time when I can get away from a computer. I refuse to touch a computer the whole time I am on vacation.

    Since I am in a new context, this makes it much easier to deal with the addiction. When I come home my mind is clear and free until I get plugged in again, and I dumb down, fill my head with cotton and zombify.

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