A Solution.

Passpack was built by its co-founders in 2006 to solve a problem shared by 2.4 billion internet users, they decided not only to make it available to all, but also make it affordable. In July of 2013 Passpack was acquired by Kemesa Holdings, a developer of innovative identity theft protection services.

Today Passpack continues to innovate and expand, while staying true to its mission to provide an excellent password management solution for individuals, web professionals and businesses.

  • An excellent on-line password management system.

    Alex Leonard
  • I love it, and helps me keep all my passwords secure and organized. Asked all my family to join in too, so we can share Pwds.

  • Over all the years, this is my 1st experience with truly responsive customer experience with any service, be it online or in-person retail.

  • I’ve made Passpack my home page. You have an awesome product!

  • What can I say – Passpack is a life saver.

    Aurelijus Valeisa
  • I love the new Passpack – I’m pretty sure I’d be screwed without it – good work people!

  • Thanks again for your excellent service and prompt response. I plan to use Passpack daily for many years to come!

    Jonathan Golden
  • I’ve never had an application become so integral a part of my online daily life.

    Anonymous User
  • I just love using Passpack, first I was a little skeptical, but now I use it regularly! World’s best password manager.

    Johan Svanberg
  • You have one of the most mind blowing, safest, greatest, most useful services ever!

    Anonymous User
  • I’m really impressed by your site. Your approach is absolutely perfect.

    Jean-Franois Ct
  • Killer app!

    Anonymous User
  • The system is fabulous and very easy to use, with some great help files.

  • I’ve been using Passpack personally for some time now… just seems to get better and better. I have yet to find a competing solution that doesn’t come up short in one important area or another.